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A time clock has never been this powerful... until now!

The new iPad is an incredible device with some very useful features for the work environment. With our TabletPunch app, we provide many useful time and labor management functions.

Multiple types of inputs allowed. You decide.

Whether you want the employee to use a keypad or scan their barcode, both options are available to your company. To reduce “buddy punching,” we’ve added a feature where the iPad will take a picture of the employee when they select their punch option

Need a variety in punch options? We got you covered.

Employees can select from many different types of punches in our application. Currently, we support the following:

Clock In
Clock Out
Out For Lunch
In From Lunch (30 Minute Minimum Lunch Duration Restriction Available)
Out For Break
In From Break
Out On Service
In On Service
“PTO” Request
TRANSFER (ie. Department Transfer - Up to
5 levels)
Need more options? We can customize
punch options for your company.

Messaging. Providing convenient internal communication.

When employees need to contact their supervisor, they can use the built-in email messenger to send off a quick email. Perhaps notifying their supervisor of a missed punch. The possibilities are endless.

Admins have all the power... Yes, they do!

With an admin login, you can log into the app and see the transaction history of your employees. Server setup is also done in this area.

Server Setup
Audit Transaction History