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TDP5 Single punch tablet press machine
TDP5 Single punch tablet press machine
TDP5 Single punch tablet press machine
TDP5 Single punch tablet press machine
TDP5 Single punch tablet press machine
TDP5 Single punch tablet press machine

TDP5 Single punch tablet press machine

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The TDP 5 is a versatile and easily maintained desktop format tablet press that offers impressive levels of speed, efficiency and flexibility. Able to run on either electricity or manual power, this machine is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a high quality tablet press for small batch production and trial runs, which makes it ideally suited to research and development or similar applications.
If you are looking for a tablet press to help you develop new tablet, or to test concepts prior to rolling them out for production, the TDP 5’s ability to produce a wide range of tablet sizes in small quantities means that this is definitely the machine for you. Designed to suit the needs of laboratory and developmental work, rather than large scale manufacturing, the TDP 5 is nevertheless capable of producing any quantity from just a few tablets all the way up to small production runs of up to 5,000 tablets an hour.
The appeal of this tablet press lies in its versatility, combined with a strong feature set and the high quality of its manufactureThe latter ensures excellent reliability. For all these reasons the TDP 5 is a popular choice for use in research institutes, laboratories, food technology applications, chemical plants , or any location where flexibility, ease of use and speed are at a premium
Main Benefits 
  • Lightweight for its class
  • Compact footprint
  • Fast and reliable
  • Flexible output
  • Electric or manually powered
  • Wide raw material compatibility
  • Low-maintenance
  • Low consumption
  • Works with 200g minimum quantity of raw materials
  • Presses tablets of any shape
  • Adaptable tablet diameter, depth and hardness
  • Option to stamp designs on tablet
  • Suitable for motive or continuous sheeting
The TDP 5 is a single punch tablet press with a maximum pressure of 50 kn. It is designed to be mounted on a work bench, but can readily be un-mounted and relocated. The machine offers an adjustable fill depth with a maximum depth of 16 mm, and can produce tablets up to 20mm in diameter and 6mm thick. The TDP 5 does not restrict you to regular shaped tabletsSimply by changing the mould on the machine you can produce tablets of almost any shape you choose. You can also adjust the density of the tablet produced, and the machine gives you the option of stamping designs onto the surface of the tablet, either to give an attractive finish or for identification purposes. Given the TDP 5’s popularity with research and development applications, many users report that they find this a helpful feature, as it allows small quantities of tablets each containing a different formulation to be produced for clinical trials.
Designed with convenience in mind, the TDP 5 is a highly practical machine that can either be electrically powered or used in manual mode. In manual mode, the tablet press is operated simply by turning a cranking wheel. Combined with a small footprint and low weight for a tablet press of this specification, this flexibility makes the TDP 5 more versatile and portable than other machines offering comparable performance.


This tablet press is compatible with most granulated or powdered materials, but it is not intended for use with overly moist materials or superfine powders.



The TDP 5 represents excellent value for money and offers unmatched versatility. Easy maintenance and the option of creating small tablet runs by hand make this a very convenient machine to use, while the ability to run on electric power and produce larger batches of 5,000 tablets an hour effectively gives you two machines in one. It is not surprising that the TDP 5 is one of the most popular machines in its class.
Warranty: One year, except for wearing parts
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